Architectural Review (ARC)

Residents are required to submit an Architectural Review form before starting exterior home projects. 

Architectural Review Form


Associations are required to have certain types of insurance for common areas and the protection of the corporation. In addition, owners are required to have proper insurance on their property.

Consult with your insurance adviser or agent to determine the insurance coverage that best suits your personal needs. Our Association carries property and liability insurance for the common areas.

Huntington Map

 Community Map

Utilities & Services

Utilities for our Community are provided as follows:

Trash Collection

Trash service Is a part of your city taxes. For questions or problems contact the Mayors Action Center at 317-327-4622 or 

Water and Sewer

Water Service is provided by Citizens Energy. 


Indianapolis Power and Light (IPL)

Internet, Telephone & Cable

A number of options are available for owners to utilize.


Otto's Streetscape Solutions is the preferred vendor for the Association. To order, call (317) 886-4400 or visit Otto's Streetscape Solutions.

Huntington Ridge & Pointe homeowners are required to have the small T1 mailbox Powdercoated Wild Rice with Almond vinyl graphics on both sides(numbers only with Chancery font) and 4x4 standard post(unpainted). 

Huntington Estates homeowners are required to have the Medium T2 mailbox Powdercoated Wild Rice, Almond vinyl graphics on both sides(numbers only with Chancery font) and 4x4 cedar post.